National Dog Shows Plovdiv 05-06.11.2022

We welcome you to two National Dog Shows
and a second edition of “Everything for the dog” exhibition
on November 05-06 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

  • We have prepared a wonderful prize fund
  • We will be judged by well respected international specialists
  • Tens of dog companies will present their newest products
  • As always – you can count on a perfect venue and excellent organization

We invite you to join us for the party!

It will be an event to enjoy, a next episode for the fun we had at our awesome summer shows!


I GroupTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
II GroupTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
III GroupTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
IV GroupTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
V GroupZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
VI GroupTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
VII GroupZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
VIII GroupZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
IX GroupZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
X GroupZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
XI GroupTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
Child with a dogTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
Junior HandlerTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
Best CoupleZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
Best Breeding groupTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
Best Progeny groupZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
BIS BabyTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
BIS PuppyZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
BIS VeteranTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)
BIS JuniorZlatko Jojkic (RS)Trevor Hiscock (SA)
BISTrevor Hiscock (SA)Zlatko Jojkic (RS)

Entry deadline:

01.11.2022 г.

Only entries submitted till the deadline will be included in the catalogue.
Entries at the day of the show will not be allowed


The entry fees should be made only to the bank account of Bulgarian Kennel Club:

Bank: ”D COMMERCE BANK” AD, Plovdiv FC

IBAN: BG33DEMI92401000293840


Only preliminary paid entries will be included in the catalogue.
Entry fees will not be accepted at the day of the show.

Grounds for payment: Entry fee for the show and number of the dogs you are paying for.

Entry fees:

Entry fee for the first dog of an owner – BGN 40,

for the second and every additional dog – BGN 35.

Babies, Puppies and Veterans – BGN 35.


Plamen Bachovski – +359889609676

Kostadin Shankov – +359878950915


Venue – Kolodrum Plovdiv

Address – ul. “Naycho Tsanov” 678, 4004 Akademik, Plovdiv.

Welcome to Plovdiv!